School/Church Fundraising

Fundraisers for Schools

Our company rescues clothing before it hits the landfills, and pays you for your gently-used kids clothing. We determine where and how often we’d like to collect clothing (suggestion: the office, year-round), and parents drop off any time. Deux Life pays you per pound towards your fundraising goals.

What is Deux Life?

Deux Life is a socially driven startup that saves quality kids clothing from landfills and resells curated wardrobe boxes online — making shopping for children’s clothing easier, more economical, and better for our planet.

Each Deux Life “thrift box” is filled with 10 pieces of clean, brand-name, pre-owned clothing for kids, carefully customized to order by a stylist, and sold online at a fraction of the price of the original retail value.

Why should you help?

Clothing waste makes up 20% of our already over-crowded landfills.
In fact, Americans throw out 81 pounds of clothing each year. 

Think donating is better? Goodwill and Salvation Army throw away up to 85% of all clothes they receive — and that number is even higher for kids clothes because these donations are often not worth the time and money it takes to check the quality, price, and hang on a rack.

By partnering with Deux Life, our school will raise important fundraising dollars in exchange for donated clothing that will be re-worn and re-loved by other children, help those in need, and directly reduce the amount of waste that’s clogging our landfills.

What does it look like?

Option A: We will set up a collapsible bin (pictured) inside the school’s office and someone from Deux Life will pick up on a regular cadence.

Option B: We partner one other one-day events (school fairs, parties, BBQs) for single donation days

How do we get paid?

Option A: Deux Life pays the school monthly based on pounds of clothing collected. A rate per pound will be mutually decided.  

Option B: Ongoing fee (negotiable) to host ongoing bin in school. Not recommended for first-time partnerships because we can’t determine the maximum potential to be earned 

What is accepted?


  • Gently worn shirts, pants, shorts, dresses (non-formal) 

  • New with tags items

  • Brand-name pieces (examples: Cat & Jack,  Nike, Carters, anything with a label OK)

  • Items with size tags

No, thank you

  • Shoes

  • Formal clothing (special occasion)

  • Accessories

  • Jackets

  • swim wear

  • Stained, torn, or soiled items

  • Overly worn/pilled clothing

  • Toys

  • Items without sizes/brands/labels

  • Uniforms

  • Personalized shirts (school name/team name/child’s name)

How to get started:

Step 1: email us at 

Step 2: Agree on length of collection and frequency of Deux Life pick-up. Recommendation: minimum one month collection, bi-weekly pick up on Friday afternoon or more frequently if needed

Step 3: Agree on communication timelines.

  • Two weeks before the event: newsletter copy provided

  • One week before the event: newsletter copy provided

  • Friday before the event: take-home flyer provided

  • Ongoing: additional signage provided